“Habitat has opened my eyes to the value of hard work, and to be a part of building your very own home makes you appreciate it even more!” – Tasha Deaver, Habitat homeowner



Home Features

Habitat for Humanity of Boone County is committed to building simple, decent, affordable homes that will meet the needs of homeowners.

The size of a Habitat home is determined by the number of family members. There are standard floor plans for each size house, two of which can be viewed below. These floor plans can be adapted within reason to meet any special needs of the lot or of the family. All adjustments to floor plans are minimal, though, and they are geared toward meeting needs and not desires.

Outside of the floor plan, there are many possibilities to customize a house. The choices given to each family will depend on the materials available each year as many of these come from donations in-kind and are not determined in advance. In the past, homeowners have been able to choose from such options as different cabinet options, paint color options, flooring options, countertop options, etc.

Building Green

As an additional benefit to living in a home built by Habitat for Humanity of Boone County, homeowners will enjoy lower energy costs due to our use of green construction techniques. We use the following methods to help our homeowners and the environment:

  • Pre-cut framing package, which saves on-site waste and reduces heating/cooling costs
  • Certified wood products from responsibly managed forests
  • Tankless water heaters, which heat water only when hot water is needed, saving gas
  • Energy efficient windows stop thermal heat gain
  • Metal roof with reflective colors lowers heating costs by 25%
  • Recycled insulation and good design help eliminate summer heat gain
  • Compact fluorescent lights for increased efficiency
  • Low VOC paint prevents indoor air pollution
  • Engineered roof trusses allow for additional insulation and block sunlight
  • Low VOC and recycled flooring helps prevent indoor air pollution and waste
  • Low flush, high efficiency toilets save water
  • Energy Star rated appliances save energy

Habitat for Humanity of Grant County

816 South Branson Street

PO Box 687

Marion, IN  46952